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RUUD is a leader in the water heating industry, offering an extensive selection of products from tank, tankless and solar water heating systems. When we take a look at water heaters of the past, such as those constructed by RUUD, it’s important to note these different designs and what made them last. For example, the RUUD #25 heater, as pictured here, as well as automatic heaters, were both best-sellers in the early 1900’s due in part to their cutting edge designs and innovation that surpassed the industry standard.

RUUD No. 25 Water Heater | Pristine Inspections and Testing

In the 1917 newspaper article you will see here, you will read about the notable increase in interest surrounding these two types of water heaters during this particular time period. In fact, after two sales campaigns featured at Railway & Light Co. in Decatur, IL – a town our company services today – a total of 54 RUUD automatic water heaters were sold in one year. Before then, the business was averaging about ten automatic water heater sales a year for the previous five years.

This probably has a lot to do with the fact that to this day, the Pristine Home Inspections & Testing team still manages to stumble across both automatic and RUUD #25 water heaters in a number of homes throughout the area. Though the majority of these are not hooked up or being used, it’s always an interesting piece of nostalgia for us when we do come in contact with these in the field.

It’s incredible to see the RUUD #25 and realize how far the water heater has evolved over the years not only in design, but in functionality as well. Most tankless heaters today contain a built-in condensate neutralizer, which reduces the installation time and cost, and the overall savings from a tankless water heater are about 25 percent annually compared to a 40 gallon tank-type heater. Plus, as we know more about these heating systems, we can better ensure that they are working properly on a day to day basis.

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(Posted by John Cheney of Pristine Inspections & Testing)