Should I Hire an Inspector When a Home is Sold As-Is?

There are a few different reasons why a home would be sold in “as-is” condition. The most common of reasons, however, is that the home is in foreclosure or being offered on a short sale. A home sale advertised ‘as-is” means that the seller is communicating that what you see is what you get. There… Read more »

The No. 1 Cause of Lung Cancer – Radon or Smoking?

  Radon has always been considered a distant second to smoking as a cause of lung cancer. If smoking is linked to 87 percent of all lung cancer deaths, why even worry about the lung cancer deaths related to radon (21,000 per year in the United States)? Not so long ago secondhand smoke was a… Read more »

Issues that May Require a Specialized Inspection

A home inspection is hugely important when you are about to purchase a home. The inspection process helps to determine the condition of the home and property to give you the best possible information on whether the home is a sound investment.   While an inspection is being done, the inspector may find issues that… Read more »

Radon Testing for Daycare Centers

Radon exposure is a strong link to lung cancer, and testing for radon is most important, especially in a daycare center because our children are our future. We never want to leave our children in danger of health issues, so it’s essential to make sure that a radon test is done at daycare centers. Daycares… Read more »