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There are a lot of businesses out there that say they offer superior service, or that they are the finest company in their field. At Pristine Home Inspections, we let our clients speak for us. Our goal is to serve you so well that you recommend us to your friends and family. It is our clients and their referrals that truly make our company successful. We would be honored if you would submit your own testimonial.

Thanks for your help. John did a great job. I was surprised at all the time he took and the attention to detail. I will recommend your services.

Chris R.

Pristine did the home inspection for the new buyer when I recently sold my home. The inspection John did was incredibly thorough, especially compared to the one that was done by another inspection company on my new home (which was also more expensive!). Pristine’s printed report was very detailed and made it easy to identify items in need of repair. There’s no question that next time I’d use Pristine, on both my house before I put it on the market as well as on a new home before purchasing. It’s also important to mention that the buyers for my previous house had a radon test done. Prior to that, I had little knowledge about radon and the health risks associated with exposure at high levels. As it turned out, my old house had excessive levels (as high as 15, when 4.0 is the *acceptable* high)! I hadn’t originally planned on it (or even given it any thought), but I then had a radon test done in my new home. It was money well spent to ensure the safety of my family.


For anyone needing a thorough home inspection, I would highly recommend Pristine Home Inspections. Just this week, John came to inspect a home I’m in the process of purchasing. I felt completely comfortable with the knowledge and expertise that was displayed throughout the process. He wasn’t rushed, answered questions, and provided me with excellent results and recommendations. It is good to feel that nothing has been overlooked and I was getting a fair assessment of my potential investment. The experience was a good one, I would use them again and refer my friends and family to Pristine…Great attention to detail and friendly service!

Sheila G.

I was very, very impressed with the thoroughness of the inspection. I walked thru the whole process with Larry, and besides the great attention to detail, Larry was also really willing to answer the (many!) questions I had. Thanks!

Hal S.

John did a thorough inspection, taking the time to address all of my concerns and answering each of my questions in an informative, direct manner. He was friendly and professional and I trusted his judgment and advice concerning my new home. Thanks John!

Nicole T.

We had Pristine do an inspection for our son, who is purchasing his first property. Larry was extremely thorough and helped us understand all of the complexities of his inspection. He has made this stressful process very comforting. This was money very well spent! I highly recommend Prestine Home Inspections. Dennis

Dennis G.

Both John and Larry not only do quality, thorough work, but their level of customer service, availability, and professionalism is also outstanding. I would highly recommend them and their services based on my very positive experience! Plus they have great personalities and are quality individuals!


Dear Inspectors: My name is Mrs. E, and you inspected my future home yesterday in Champaign. I live in Orlando currently, so I depend on your inspection more than the average buyer. Thank you for doing such a thorough job. I really liked your form. You were so detail-oriented and timely. It is awfully hard to impress me, and I am impressed. In contrast, our inspectors in Orlando, when we bought our home here, did a 5 minute walk through of our home with little supporting documentation. We have had no major problems with the Orlando home, but it was nice to get a lot more information about the Champaign house. So your work-up was a pleasant surprise. ME

Mrs. E

To Pristine Home Inspectors, We wish to commend you on your fine service to us given in late October of 2009. The inspectors were thorough, friendly, and efficient. We were confidant that the report gave an accurate picture of the condition of our new home. We would recommend them to anyone seeking a professional and reliable house inspector. Urbana, IL

Robert & Patricia

John: Thank you again for your help and answering some of my questions today. This has been an easy experience and I also appreciated the beautiful home inspection report! Very impressed 🙂 …so just wanted to let you know that your help and your professionalism is greatly appreciated!!!


As a first time home buyer, it was great to have someone as thorough and friendly as Larry to inspect my future home. He was incredibly friendly and very willing to explain and show me what he found throughout the house. He answered every question that I asked and gave some great advice at the same time. I never thought a home inspection would be that fun! And even after a long day, I still received the PDF writeup about the inspection soon after. Fast and friendly– definitely recommending Pristine for future inspections.


Larry from Pristine Home Inspections came to our home to do an inspection as our home is on the market and we wanted to make sure that there wasn’t anything major that needed to be done before it could be sold. Larry was very thorough but also very fair. He let us know what needed to be repaired but also took into consideration that the house is 60+ years old. I would recommend that you call them whenever you need a home inspection as you will be very pleased with their work and will find them to be most professional.

Carol L

Pristine Home Inspections is a great company, I highly recommend them to anyone. Larry is detailed, endlessly patient, and so obviously great at what he does. He answered all of my questions, and did a very thorough job. I highly recommend tagging along for the inspection – his vast knowledge and expertise make him an excellent guide as to what needs to be done and how.


Never before have we been so glad to spend $285 as in our recent home inspection. This oral and written tutorial helped us understand our potential new home and to prepare us for correcting some problems that have gone unnoticed by others. John was clear, concise and explained things in a way that we novices could grasp right away. The written report with pictures is remarkable & extremely helpful.

Rev Dr. Lonnie Southern, LTC USARNG ret.

John Cheney (Pristine) did a fantastic job inspecting my new home. The report was extremely thorough and John was kind enough to take almost an hour to walk me through the report on the phone. He got everything done very quickly, including the reinspect, in order for me to buy my home on very short notice. I highly recommend the mold test! Thanks John for everything! First BBQ has your name on the invite list! 🙂

Melissa W.

Larry was on time, very professional and thorough. He was very knowledgeable and gave valuable suggestions about how to improve the home. His inspection report was very easy to understand and we received the full report the same day as the inspection.

B. Rogers

John was very kind from the first moment I contacted him to conduct an inspection on my first new home. He was prompt, caring, and very thorough. He answered all of my questions in ways that I could understand and felt confident in my new knowledge. John inspected parts of my house that I didn’t know existed and took photos so that I could see exactly what he was pointing out. He also had an incredibly detailed print out which he delivered to me on site. His customer service was exceptional. I will recommend this company to everyone and will use them again in an instant! John also left a folder of information that I still find very helpful.

Laura H.

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