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Sewer Scan Services for Champaign Illinois

Are you looking for a sewer scan on residential or commercial properties throughout Champaign Illinois and surrounding communities and towns? Contact Pristine Home Inspection for all sewer scan inspection services.

What is a sewer scan?

A sewer scan is a service offered by a certified technician that can access the main sewer clean out whole in a property’s basement and feed a fiber-optic camera through the sewer line running from the house to the city sewer at the street. This is a fairly new type of inspection but yet an extremely valuable one for both homeowners and commercial property buyers. We specialize in this service.

If there are issues with a sewer line that a routine sewer cleaning cannot solve, repairs can be expensive so it’s important to have a sewer scan from the property to the city line to verify any issues, problems, or hazards.

Whether it’s a 100-year-old house or a brand-new one, properties are not immune to sewer issues. However, problems can increase with the age of the home. If you’re buying a new home, sewer scan may not be as imperative as a home that’s at least 20 years old.

At Pristine Home Inspections, we use the highest quality sewer inspection cameras and accessories to get the job done right the first time. Whether you are scanning a business, commercial property, or home inspection, conducting a sewer scan before you finalize the purchase of a property can save you thousands in the future.

What can a sewer scan find and not find?

This sewer camera is a valuable tool to determine if there’s an issue or problems with a home’s sewer system. Whether it’s a nasty odor, your water is not draining as fast, or an overflowing toilet, using a plumber to determine issues can be valuable but if you’re purchasing a home, a sewer scan can be a valuable addition to the inspection.

Sewer lines are installed under the foundation of a home with about 2 feet of dirt above the pipe. A special sewer video camera connects to a flexible cable and is inserted into the main sewer line clean out. This gives a clear indication of what’s going on below the surface. However, sewer scans may not be able to locate certain leaks. If water is escaping through a pipe, the camera can only see inside the pipe, and not outside. Certified technicians can interpret what we are seeing and able to suggest certain repairs if necessary.

Sewer camera inspections can locate devices that send out a signal pinpointing exactly where the camera is underground as it travels to the road. It can uncover issues with drainage or stopping and inspect fittings, teas, and other connections.

For more information on sewer scans throughout Champaign Illinois and surrounding cities contact our office today. We be happy to offer a quote or to schedule an inspection.