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Summer Tips for Clean Air in Your Home

indoor plants for good indoor air quality

Summer is here, and we want to savor the fresh air as much as we can before the cold weather comes around again. We don’t want to be stuffed up in our home during the summer months, so we should take some steps on how to keep our indoor air pure and healthy this summer!… Read more »

Radon Testing for Daycare Centers

Radon testing for daycares

Radon exposure is a strong link to lung cancer, and testing for radon is most important, especially in a daycare center because our children are our future. We never want to leave our children in danger of health issues, so it’s essential to make sure that a radon test is done at daycare centers. Daycares… Read more »

Signs Your Indoor Air Quality is Bad

home inspector testing for indoor air quality

Your indoor air quality is extremely important to your health and well-being. If there is poor air quality in your home, you may experience some health issues, which is never what you want, especially in your own home. There are some signs that you should look out for if you suspect some poor air quality… Read more »

The Dangers of Lead Based Paint

lead paint on wall chipping

Lead Based Paint has been a problem for many years in older homes. It can be extremely harmful to children and adults that may cause cardiovascular, nervous system, and other health issues. It is essential to get your home tested for lead paint, so that you can live in your home without worrying about your… Read more »

How to Look for Water Pollution in My Home?

Water testing in home is essential for clean water

Pollution in the water in your home is the worst possible scenario.  We cannot survive without water, and having good, clean water is essential for our health.  Home inspections are recommended for every homeowner when purchasing a home, or if there is a suspicion of a problem. We use water every single day of our… Read more »

Before Finishing Your Basement, Check for Radon

radon seeping through the uncovered sump pump in the basement

Radon is a radioactive, odorless, tasteless gas that you also cannot see.  This is a cancer-causing gas that can seep into your own home through cracks in the walls or floor.  Not many homeowners know of this dangerous gas, so we want you to know that it is recommended to get your home tested for… Read more »

Improving Air Quality in Your Complex, Home, or Development

Home Inspection Concept

Be it our home, or workplace, most of the air we breathe in our life, we breathe indoors. That is why the quality of the air inside a complex, home, or development is incredibly important, for both the tenant and building’s health. So, for any owner or developer, improving it should be a top priority…. Read more »

Summer Heat and Roof Damage


Most people rate spring and summer as their favorite seasons of the year, but if your roof could talk, it would likely have a different opinion. The summer heat, in particular, can be particularly hard of your roof, especially if your home has traditional shingles. While the signs of heat damage can sometimes be seen… Read more »

Avoiding Frozen Plumbing

frozen plumbing

One of the perils of owning a home during the freezing cold winters is the possibility of a frozen pipe. Pipes that run through unheated spaces, such as crawl spaces, attics and garages, or along exterior walls with little insulation are susceptible to freezing during the cold winter months. Worse, if the water in the… Read more »

Maryland County Leading the Way on Radon Testing


We’ve discussed the dangers that radon can pose to homeowners throughout the country, but the laws that govern how and when radon is tested are not uniform across every state or even in individual counties. As we continue to look at radon as part of National Radon Awareness Month, we take a closer look at… Read more »