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Your indoor air quality is extremely important to your health and well-being. If there is poor air quality in your home, you may experience some health issues, which is never what you want, especially in your own home. There are some signs that you should look out for if you suspect some poor air quality in the house.

home inspector testing for indoor air quality

If your asking yourself questions about the comfort of your home, then there may be a problem.

Here are the signs:

  • Feeling Sick – if you feel a little sick in the house, or your symptoms get worse when indoors, there could be a problem with the air. If you’re experiencing allergies, asthma, colds, or flu symptoms more and more, it’s time to get your air quality tested. If you start to feel better being away from your house for 48 hours, then that is a clear sign the air quality in your home is bad.
  • Dusting all the time – If you find yourself dusting and cleaning constantly, your HVAC system might be dirty.
  • Smells – if there are stale smells sticking around for a while or mold/mildew smells, this is a sign your air is not being filtered properly.


Odorless gases and chemicals will cause poor air quality, but you won’t notice these obviously. Look out for the signs above to know.

Some actions you take may be cause for poor air quality as well. Smoking indoors, storing chemicals and paints indoors, not cleaning enough, storing lawnmowers or motorcycles in the garage, and you’ve been using air freshening devices could all be causes of poor air quality. You deserve a clean and healthy house, and you never want to acquire health issues, so it’s very important to keep your house in check at all times.

Professional Indoor Air Quality Testing

The best recommendation is to get an indoor air quality test done by a professional like Pristine Inspection & Testing. We offer home inspections including indoor air quality testing, and we will check for 400+ airborne chemicals and hidden mold growth. Contact Pristine Inspection & Testing at 217-352-3743 today!