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Radon exposure is a strong link to lung cancer, and testing for radon is most important, especially in a daycare center because our children are our future. We never want to leave our children in danger of health issues, so it’s essential to make sure that a radon test is done at daycare centers.

Radon testing for daycares

Daycares in Illinois are required to test for radon every 3 years to get their license renewed.

The Benefits of Getting a Test

We all know there are great benefits to getting a radon test done, but we need to be reminded why it’s essential and required. The health risks that we can avoid are supremely vast.

It keeps our kids safethe risks are even greater for children because their bodies are still forming, and the particles released by radon can cause permanent damage to DNA tissue in their lungs. This can cause damage to your cells, which can lead to cancer obviously.

Radon is an invisible carcinogen and if you’re a smoker, you are even more vulnerable when exposed to radon to develop lung cancer. The risks are based on exposure over a lifetime for children. There is no evidence saying that children are at a higher risk, but we’re looking at the age difference. Children that spend time at daycare are there almost every day. Just like being in your own home, this place is a safe space for them to play and learn.

The problem with radon is that you can’t see, smell or taste this carcinogen, which means that getting it tested is crucial immediately, so that you can solve the problem if there is evidence of radon in the daycare center.

Radon can enter through cracks in floors, walls or ceilings, construction joints, or the water supply, as well as through gaps around service pipes and in suspended floors.

Pristine Inspection & Testing

At Pristine Inspection & Testing, we can test for radon using state-of-the-art Radalink AirCat monitors, which has been engineered to be the most sensitive, reliable, and accurate monitor ever. Contact Pristine Inspection & Testing at 217-352-3743 today for your radon test solutions.