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Gutter inspectionMost homeowners spend time preparing their home for the winter, but many don’t think to check their home again once the season has come and gone. Maybe that’s because spring is a time for hope and new life, and you are starting to do outdoor activities and getting ready for summer. In most cases, there is absolutely nothing to worry about; however, inspecting your home after winter may help you avoid a few problems down the road.

One of the most important portions of your property that should be inspected after winter is the gutters. If they are loose or full of leaves, water could find its way into your soffit area, basement or crawl space. You will want to clear out any debris that may be lodged in downspouts, like late-fall leaves or branches and twigs that may have fallen during the winter. These simple steps can potentially help you avoid water issues in the basement and crawl space.

Your roof offers you shelter and security, but with all items in your home should be looked at on a regular basis. This is especially true after a winter that had high winds, snow and other types of extreme weather. Take some time to examine the shingles on your roof to ensure none are missing or damaged and all of the flashing on the roof should also be checked. While you’re on the roof, the chimney should also be inspected, as the same ice and snow that can wreak havoc on your roof can also penetrate into worn-out masonry, leading to cracks and faults that could become serious if not detected and addressed early.

Around your home, you may notice areas of your lawn that seem lower than usual.  The snow and rain will cause the ground to settle around the house causing a negative grade or low spots.  You see this in areas by downspouts and window wells where large amounts of moisture can collect causing the soil to compact. Help direct water away from your home by filling in low spots with compacted soil and sloping the soil away from your foundation wherever possible.

Of course, you shouldn’t be expected to take on all of these tasks and others by yourself, and that’s where professional home inspectors come in, give us a call today and schedule a professional inspection appointment with Pristine Inspections & Testing.