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One of the most important things that sets the team at Pristine Inspections & Testing apart is our skills and knowledge when it comes to thermography. Every member of our inspection team is a Certified Residential Thermographer, CRT, but in case you aren’t familiar with this technology and how this science can aid in home inspections, let’s take a look at what thermography allows us to do.

ThermographyIn general, thermography is the science of using infrared imaging to uncover details that are not visible to the naked eye. There are countless applications of this science, and we’ve previously talked about how it is used in everything from home inspections to studying ancient pyramids. However, using thermographic imaging equipment is not always a simple process, which is why professional inspectors should first become certified in the science.

When you hire one of our inspectors to inspect a property, you can rest easy knowing that they won’t just be relying on their senses to uncover details about the house. They will be using sophisticated infrared camera that will reveal a wealth of information. Just some of the details that thermographic imaging can reveal in a house include hidden temperature issues that may be symptoms of insufficient insulation, issues with heating or cooling ducts, wiring, and the more common and most beneficial moisture problems that if left undetected could become serious emergencies.

Thermographic imaging is just one of the many techniques our inspectors employ when they inspect a property. Combined with the other steps we take throughout the inspection process, thermography will help provide you an even more robust look at the details of your home or commercial property. For more information about our certified thermography team or to schedule an inspection, contact Pristine Inspections & Testing today at 217-352-3743.