Commercial Radon Testing

Commercial Radon Testing in Champaign ILCommercial Radon Testing and Property Inspections

Radon testing is crucial for employees or business owners who spend most of their time at work. Spending a work week inhaling radon gas is just as dangerous as living with it in your home. Fortunately, Pristine Inspections & Testing offers commercial and residential radon testing in Champaign and most of Central Illinois.

Since 2007, we have been keeping business owners, proprietors, employees, and tenants safe from harmful radon gas. If you are a business owner in Central Illinois, we highly encourage you to hire a specialist for commercial radon testing. If you are an employee in the Champaign area, encourage your company to conduct commercial radon testing at your office. Similar to residential radon testing, it is important to hire a specialist who has been trained, certified, and is experienced in testing of offices.

Pristine Inspections & Testing is certified and state licensed to perform radon testing in commercial buildings, multifamily units, schools, and daycare centers. In Illinois, you must have a professional license and licensed to perform school and commercial building testing. Commercial testing requires testing of every occupied room, excluding closets, bathrooms, locker rooms, and laundry rooms) that is in contact with or directly above the soil. The test normally runs during the period through the week when the building is occupied. The radon-testing device is normally in an area of the room with the least likely hood that it will be disturbed or be in the way of normal activities.

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