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When perspective buyers get an inspection done a home, they’re usually looking for, “Ok looks great, nothing is wrong.”
That, though, rarely happens. There’s always something that’s needed to be improved or something that isn’t up to code. Here are some common findings during home inspections.

Poor Drainage

Poor-Water-DrainageGutters are great. They help remove the water safely away from the home and can’t deter ice buildup. But when downspouts aren’t draining properly, gutters can prove to be worthless and can actually cause damage to one’s home. Water can accrue near the home, which can cause foundation problems if it freezes then expands. Also, does the back and front yard drain properly? If not, a flooded basement may happen a lot during the spring when thawing begins.


It only takes a shingle or two to cause problems with the roof. One loose shingle and there’s water in the attic. Sometimes its roofing around exhaust or the chimney is where water can enter the house. And when that happens, it’s mold city. Keep in mind roofs last 25-30 years if installed properly.

Cooling and Heating Systems

Most older homes are equipped with older heating systems like oil furnaces. Not only is oil heating expensive, it’s hard to replace. With today’s technology, energy efficient heating and cooling units can save the homeowner thousands on energy bills. Though worth it in the long run, older heating and cooling systems can be expensive to replace.

Faulty Electrical Systems

From needing new electrical boxes to new wiring, old electrical systems can be a problem. It’s not a matter whether they are efficient or not, it’s if they fail do they blow a fuse or start fire? Can they handle your new electric air conditioner or dryer?


Leaky or slow pipes are more annoying than any of the above. They can be complicated to fix especially when it has to with pipes leading to the septic or sewer line. These can be difficult to catch, but if it’s found that a septic line needs fixing, it can involve digging up the front yard to find the problem.

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