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Many people extend their homes by adding a deck. Decks are perfect entertainment lounges that provide comfort for the home. Most decks are constructed from wood with an elegant, classy look but come with challenges. The new invention decks contain composite materials. The materials have increased the lifespan to tree fold of wooden decks. Other benefits come with a composite deck. Their long lifespan is also due to their ability to overcome wet conditions and infestation by insects.

Wooden decks are vulnerable to many factors. The most common factor is insects like termites. It is also fragile to water, and the sun may fade the colour, making it look less attractive. In addition, homeowners use chemicals to treat the wood, which may cause a bend or twist after drying. On the other hand, composite decks contain composite materials that are subject to rot and remain colourful for many years. It is also difficult to be infested by insects like termites. Composite decks are known to last long for this reason and many others. In fact, they can last for 25 to 30 years or more if proper maintenance is regularly rendered. Wooden decks, on the other hand, last for 10 to 15 years before losing their attractiveness.

Why Is It Better

It may be hard to believe, but composite decks have many advantages. One of the significant advantages is repairs and maintenance. Here are more benefits of using a composite deck than pressure-treated wood.

  • Molding or rotting – the deck is not affected by mold. Mold cannot break or rot the deck as water can easily wash it off.
  • Coloring – wood deck needs constant repainting to maintain the classy look and keep it brand new. But a composite deck do not break down to a faded color. Instead, the deck continues to glitter and maintain its classy look for over 25 years.
  • Splinters – splinters occur when wooden decks start to crack or break, which results in elevated wood chips. These chips prick the skin creating discomfort. Wooden decks usually start breaking after 10 years. However, this issue is not common with composite deck boards.


Buying a new home and planning a home renovation is usually a good project, to begin with. Additionally, having a proper home deck will add a curb appeal to the proeprty and increases the cost and value. However, the project is usually large, requiring a lot of investment. Do not settle for a composite deck on a tight budget because this can lead to shortcuts which can cause future accidents. These decks have long-lasting value, which makes them expensive to buy and install. It is advisable to save enough money to get the best materials before starting the project. Also, ensure you use the right contractor or seek advice from a local home inspector’s office. The inspector will inspect your property’s landscaping and determine the best place to construct a new composite deck for the family. The new deck will become an outdoor living space for the home.