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There’s a few different ways you can either, A: remove radon from your home, or B: fend it off so it doesn’t enter our home.

Radon is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that is radioactive. It’s not an instantaneous killer like carbon-monoxide, but radon is the No.1 cause of lung cancer amongst non-smokers.

It has recently been found that Champaign IL has very high amounts of radon gas, as much as 63.1 pCi/L, or like smoking six to eight packs of cigarettes per day, but here are a few ways you can prevent radon gas from your home.

First, get radon gas testing from Pristine Home Inspections to find out your level. Then figure out a plan of attack.

Preventing radon from entering your home – Gas can enter your home from the tiniest of cracks in your foundation. Seal them. Sealing cracks in walls or in the foundations is an easy solution to help reduce the amount of radon in your home.

Slab Depressurization – create a ventilation system in your basement by installing PVC piping into your basement floor with it exiting outside. A fan will then blow the radon filled air outside, exhausting it out of your home. This may be expensive, but do you really want to put a price on health and safety?

Pristine Home Inspection offers high quality radon testing for all homes around Champaign IL and the surrounding areas.