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Infrared camera technology – the same that we use at Pristine Inspections and Testing during every inspection– is now being used to help beekeepers to inspect their populations during the winter, reports the Fox affiliate in Salt Lake City.

Previously, opening up a hive in temperatures below 55 degrees jeopardized the colony, but this new technology allows beekeepers to see inside the hive without opening it up. According to the article, an apiarist points the infrared camera at the hive and sees if heat signatures show up. If so, the bees in the hive are alive. If no contrasting temperatures are read by the infrared display, the bees population has suffered or perhaps died off entirely, and the beekeepers can open the hive to try and determine what happened to the bees, with reasons ranging from poor management to disease. With bees such an important part of agriculture all across the country, this technology helps benefit the industry and maintain an indication of the health of the hive.

Another place infrared technology can prove beneficial is in your home. Infrared scanning services provide you with images that show important information about your building, allowing you to see otherwise inaccessible areas of your home. Similarly to the way infrared camera technology helps beekeepers note heat signatures, infrared scanning detects changes in temperature, which could reveal hidden problems that would go unnoticed during a traditional inspection. Such problems include hidden moisture intrusion, water and drain line leaks, HVAC ductwork problems, rats and other pests, roof and ceiling leaks and more.

Infrared technology can detect plumbing issues, help diagnose building conditions and check for energy efficiency in a structure. Our professional inspectors, who are Certified Residential Thermographers, can work with you to perform a whole home review, scanning exterior and interior walls, floors and ceilings, or complete a partial scan of areas of particular concern.

Just like with the beehives, infrared technology helps detect problems before they get worse. The health and structural integrity of your home – just like a beehive – can be checked with infrared thermography. Schedule your infrared scan now to see things that the naked eye can’t! To learn more, check out our online thermography simulator or give us a call today at 217-352-3743.