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Before making your next call to the plumber, really give thought to trying Infrared Imaging instead.  Sure, plumbers who don’t use infrared might be able to unclog your sink, but they won’t be able to tell you the same quality of information that Infrared Imaging can. Where is the clog located? Using infrared or thermal imaging can be the difference between tearing out a whole wall or only having to clear out a portion of your pipe.

Pristine Inspections & Testing has access to technology that will allow us to see thermal imaging of the walls and/or pipes. Using our special heat sensitive camera, we will be able to detect plumbing blockages for you if the pipes are visible. These cameras do so by seeing light that has a longer wavelength and lower frequency than visible light, which enables you to see temperature differences that aren’t visible to the naked eye.  Along with plumbing blockages, Infrared will also be able to detect plumbing leaks.  Leaks are not so obvious or easy to find as they may be hidden behind walls/ceilings or floorboards that won’t allow for the leak to come through or cause a stain.  Using the Infrared imaging will allow homeowners to actually see through the walls without having to cut a hole in them (thus causing further damage to the home).

Finally, Infrared scanning is also a great tool for detecting areas within your home that are causing problems such as heat loss through windows, thermal seal defects in your doors and recognition of in-floor heating tubes prior to floor removal or replacement.  When you’re experiencing troubles in your plumbing or finding a leak, give serious thought to the use of Infrared Imaging because that may be the difference between revisiting old issues or solving them properly the first time.

Check out how thermal imaging works in our video below: