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John Cheney

Home Inspections & Radon Testing in Urbana & Champaign IL

John Cheney is a licensed home inspector and Certified Residential Thermographer in Champaign, IL. After 19 years in software development and project management, he figured that teaching was his passion. Company integrations, developing & implementing software, training users, and building houses gives him an excellent set of skills to give you a thorough inspection. The software he created and copyrighted is designed around our inspection process so all of the inspectors go through the same enhanced inspection techniques to give you the best inspection. Helping clients understand the issues and the house in general is what I love about this profession!

Professional Development:

  • Certified Master Inspector
  • State of Illinois Licensed Home Inspector #450001239
  • ASHI Certified Inspector #212773
  • Certified Residential Thermographer
  • ITC Level 2 Thermographer #108521
  • Illinois Radon Measurement Professional #RNI2013205
  • Licensed to perform radon testing in daycare and large buildings.
  • IAC2 Mold Certified
  • Illinois Structural Pest Control Technician Certification #052-093231
  • Currently performing approximately 400 inspections per year.
  • Has completed over 6100 inspections to date.
  • General contractor of homes built in Champaign county.


  • Parkland College, Champaign, IL
  • Inspection Training Associates, Chicago, IL

Accomplishments / Hobbies:

  • Ironman Wisconsin 2003 & 2004
  • Chicago Marathon
  • Champaign Mini Tri
  • St. Louis Marathon
  • Illinois Marathon Relay
  • 2010 Indy Half Marathon
  • Illinois Marathon 2011
  • Indy Monumental Marathon 2011

Pristine is a well known Champaign home inspection company. Clients know that when they want a licensed home inspection or a certified home inspection they’re getting their money’s worth. As you can see John is a licensed home inspector that takes his time with every inspection he performs. If you need a certified home inspector call us today.