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The US Environmental Protection Agency has named January National Radon month. During this month, the government agency has put on various events to inform more and more people about the dangers of radon gas. You can participate by purchasing a radon test at your nearest hardware store or even Walmart.

Radon is major health risk. Roughly 21,000 people die each year because of radon-caused lung cancer. What’s even more glaring, 2,900 of those people who  never even smoked. Radon is the second most common cause of lung cancer, behind smoking and in front of second hand smoke. But people can easily limit their exposure to radon by simply getting a home inspection.

Recently,a very high radon level in Champaign, Ill was found at 63.1 pCi/L, which is similar to smoking six to eight packs of cigarettes per day!

Check out this video that includes some great information on radon and the effects it can have on your home and family. So get your home tested and call your local home inspector in Champaign, Pristine Home Inspections, to see how to prevent radon from entering your home.