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The odorless radioactive gas known as radon, the second leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers, should be the last of a parent’s concern when dropping their child off at daycare; this is supposed to be a safe and loving space for a child when they are away from home. However, due to a law that was put into effect in January 2013 throughout the state of Illinois, daycares are required to test their facilities for radon. Starting in January 2014, daycare owners/directors will be obligated to show proof that their facility has undergone radon testing within the last three years upon re-licensing.

Testing for radon includes placing a detector in every occupied room that is in contact with and above the soil. Radon is a product of the decaying natural uranium that is found in the soil and since it is much heavier than air, the concentration is higher in the basement and first floor, where most daycares are located.

Only a licensed radon professional qualified for commercial testing can test your business. By testing as soon as possible, it is also a show of good-faith when it comes to establishing good rapport with the parents whose children attend your daycare. The results of the radon testing are required by law to be posted as well as distributed to parents upon request.

Some testers are going to only use devices like electret, charcoal or low-efficiency continuous monitors for all locations, which do not have environmental (RH%, barometric pressure, temperature) data to help diagnose the radon level. Our state-of-the-art equipment is not only capable of this, but can possibly help determine if you have an HVAC system tuning issue, (which may be a minor expense) like someone turning off the vent since it is over their desk and makes them cold. Without the environmental information that Pristine Inspections & Testing can provide, you can’t verify the true factors causing the radon issue.

Monitors will be placed in an area of the daycare that is least likely to be tampered with or where it could disrupt the children’s day-to-day activities. The testing usually takes place during school hours, when the building is occupied, however, it can be installed and/or removed after-hours so no disruptions will occur during the center’s daily schedule.

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(Posted by John Cheney of Pristine Inspections & Testing)