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Even though we only typically see mold in our bathrooms or in our kitchen on our food, it can grow in other areas of our homes, including the attic, crawl space, and basement. That’s why the proper ventilation of our homes is so important to preventing conditions that can promote mold growth.

For mold to grow, it needs moisture. This is most often released into the home through humidity that is generated just by living our daily lives. Whether we’re simply breathing, sweating, cooking or cleaning, we are pumping water into the air. Humidity is also a common issue during the summer months of the year as wet, heated air enters the home. Regardless of the source, this moisture-laden and heated air then rises through the home to the attic, where it can condense and bead as moisture in the attic, which will then promote the growth of mold.

That’s where the ventilation comes in. When warm air rises, the ridge vent or roof vents at the peak of the roof will allow it to escape, leaving the attic cool. Then the soffit vents will pull in new air, helping to keep the temperature inside the attic space in more of a homeostatic state. By having proper air flow and reducing the dramatic differences in temperature, it prevents condensation and mold from forming. If the ventilation doesn’t work properly, it can lead to myriad issues, from mold or reducing the life of your shingles.

If you notice mold or suspect that your vents are not working properly, then it’s time to have a home inspector come out and take a look at your home to see. A licensed inspector can not only review the structure and condition of your home, but also perform comprehensive mold inspections and interior air testing to check for the presence of mold, which can help you identify problems and take the steps needed to repair, remediate and resolve any issues uncovered.

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