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We typically hear that you should always inspect a home before you buy it. It turns out though, that the inspection isn’t just for the buyer. Homeowners (sellers) can also benefit from home inspections.

Homeowners that are looking to sell their houses and move on to the next phase of life can and probably should have the home inspected before listing it on the market.

Why homeowners should inspect homes before selling:

One of the reasons for this is because a last-minute discovery or problem can lead to a longer sale or even a dropout from the potential buyer as well.

Going along with this first reason, a certified home inspection will also enable the current homeowner to find and fix any problems identified in the inspection so future prospective buyers don’t get scared off.  Other things that a certified home inspection could do for you are:

  • Home InspectionMake for an easier sale
  • Reduce last minute negotiations or backing out buy prospective buyers altogether
  • Gives you the option to utilize competitive pricing when repairing any issues found
  • You have more time to repair the items rather than worrying about them when you are trying to move or working on purchasing a new home
  • Receive copies of the inspection summary for your open house handouts
  • Gives prospective buyers comfort that the house has already been inspected and they won’t have any surprises on the house they really want to be their home

Before selling your house and moving, set up a certified home inspection and ensure that all the issues the house are recognized and possibly repaired or disclosed; guaranteeing the sale of your house goes as smooth as it possibly can. Pristine Inspections & Testing is able to perform inspections for both buyers and sellers. Contact us to get started!