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Home inspections are a vitally important part of purchasing a home. There are some things that can go wrong during an inspection. Here are some common mishaps that occur and can even delay the process of your home purchase.  5 Things That Can Ruin a Home Inspection

Utilities Have Been Turned Off 5 Things That Can Ruin a Home Inspection

To determine if all of the systems and appliances in the house are working, the utilities need to be on to operate them. They will need to test the HVAC system, the faucets, the irrigation, etc. If anything was not able to be inspected because utilities were shut off this will be noted in the report as unable to be properly inspected.  

No Access to Important Areas 

To perform a proper and thorough inspection the inspector needs full access to every area of the house. They need to be able to get to electrical panels, attics, crawl spaces, the furnace, water heater, etc. It is a good idea for home sellers to remove any piled-up clutter, boxes, furniture, and open any locked doors.  

*Note: Failure to make sure these first two items have been taken care of could result in added time and money. If an inspector cannot do a full and thorough inspection it could mean that the lender will ask for the inspector to return a second time when these issues have been taken care of so that they can fully evaluate the home. This can be remedied with the careful preparation of the buyers’ agent (or buyers asking their agent) checking in with the seller’s agent to ensure things are ready to go.  

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Buyers Are Not There 

It is very important for a home buyer to be present at the inspection. A buyer can learn a great deal about the inner workings of the home they are about to purchase from the inspector as they go through the inspection. Buyers can learn how important any issues they find may be and a general idea of how to get them taken care of. They can also learn about the current condition of items that might not need fixing now but may need attention in the next few years.  

If you are very busy and can’t make the entire inspection, try to move things around so that at least one of you can be there for the last 30 minutes of the inspection. This will allow you to talk with the inspector in person about what they found in the home.  

Buyers Forget or Don’t Realize Inspections are About Big Picture Items 

Some buyers do not realize that an inspector is looking at a home with the purpose of analyzing the overall function-ability and liveability of the home. They will not be scrutinizing minor cosmetic details like a carpet with significant staining. They will only be noting anything wrong that would put a significant impact on the ability of the homes major systems to function.  

Buyers Don’t Return the Service Agreement 

The service agreement is a document that states the buyer is aware of what services the inspector will be performing for them. The agreement spells out the terms of service and that they understand them and agree to pay for those services upon completion. If a buyer forgets to return this agreement an inspector can hold the written report the lender requires for approval until it is signed and returned.  

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