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Bad FoundationCracks in foundation aren’t very uncommon, and can sometimes be really small — but it could lead to really unwarranted problems.

The foundation of your home is kind of like its backbone, holding and securing the building in place. But if it moves, like the earth does from time to time, your home may be unsafe and cost you lots of money to fix the foundation problem.

Cracks or instability found in the foundation can lead to a variety of problems. Walls, windows and doors can shift, even just centimeters, and limit their functionality. Other times, walls can shift enough to let in more air and humidity in, which can result in higher utility bills, mold, and possibly radon. A faulty foundation can sag eaves, which can bring water into the house through the walls, or if the earth below the foundation is sagging water can drain into the home through the basement.

Having an inspector find a faulty foundation in their inspection will save you a lot of money and headache, which is why Pristine Home Inspection offers infrared testing so no crack goes unnoticed. It’s highly important when buying your home that the foundation is in good shape, because you could be paying for it in the long run.