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Pollution in the water in your home is the worst possible scenario.  We cannot survive without water, and having good, clean water is essential for our health.  Home inspections are recommended for every homeowner when purchasing a home, or if there is a suspicion of a problem. We use water every single day of our lives, and we need to treat it with the utmost care.

Water testing in home is essential for clean water

What Causes the Pollution?

As most know, there are plenty of pollutants in the world released by humans.  It’s essential to our livelihood to help contain and minimize contamination. Water in our homes can be polluted by us, and outside factors. These habits can be very simple being flushing prescription drugs down the drain, using harsh cleaning products, pesticides and chemical fertilizers, etc. Everything that is common sense to the average person, which could be picking up after your pets or getting your car’s oil leak fixed can prevent pollution in the water at home and around you.

How Can You tell If Your Water is Polluted?

These are signs you should look out for:

  • Oil/ Gas odor
  • Bleach odor
  • Stains in your sink
  • Metallic Taste
  • Chemical Taste

These are clear signs that something might be wrong with the water in your home. Now it isn’t healthy to be always worried or overreact to a supposed sign of water contamination. We sometimes think that if our drinking water is cloudy then it’s contaminated, but most of the time this is not true. Cloudiness is usually caused by tiny air bubbles, which noticeably go away.

How to Prevent Contamination?

Water Testing is the number one prevention because even if you have somewhat of a suspicion, it is always good to get your home inspected to make sure everything is working properly, and your home is safe for your health.  Just keep up with good habits around the house.  Keeping a clean home and checking up on appliances will be a big help in the future. It will save you money, and it will keep your health in order.

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