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Purchasing a condo or townhome is a bit different than purchasing a traditional single-family home. Sometimes buyers don’t realize that getting an inspection is still an option in the purchase process (and an important one at that) because it is not usually required to finalize a purchase. Here are some things that get checked out in a condo/townhome inspection, that may get overlooked without one.

The Roof

The roof is an important place that is an obvious place to check out in a single-family home, but in a condo or townhome the roof is a shared area that is not the responsibility of the property owner. For this reason, sometimes the roof does not get checked. An expert home inspector will go ahead and check this area out anyway even though any repairs will be the responsibility of the HOA. It is still important to know the condition of the roof as it will still impact the function of your home unit.

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Shared Walls/Ceilings/Floors

These are important areas to pay attention to. If there are any problems in shared spaces you will want to address them immediately and what will be done to get the problem corrected, instead of entering into a tough situation later of tracking down who is responsible for the repairs. It is better to have communications and agreements made with neighbors and the HOA about getting them fixed before you make the purchase.

HVAC System

Sometimes accessing the HVAC system for inspection may require special permission because they are usually housed in shared spaces that are managed by the HOA. You will want to make sure that the seller’s agent or the seller has arranged for your inspector to have full access to these systems during the inspection.

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If the building you are purchasing in has more than one floor there may be an elevator. It is a good idea to have your inspector look over the engineering, maintenance, and inspection reports. You don’t want to own interest in a building that is not well kept and potentially unsafe.

HOA Meeting Minutes

This one doesn’t really fall under the inspection per se, but it is very important. Make sure to request copies of the HOA meeting minutes for at least the last 12 months. This will help to get a little insight into how the HOA operates, their proactiveness, and any major issues in the overall condition of the building’s greater shared spaces.

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