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Most people rate spring and summer as their favorite seasons of the year, but if your roof could talk, it would likely have a different opinion.

The summer heat, in particular, can be particularly hard of your roof, especially if your home has traditional shingles. While the signs of heat damage can sometimes be seen – they include things like curling, cupping, cracking to the shingles.  Usually, the south and west roof faces will show more deterioration since the sun is hotter and shines on these areas longer if there are no trees to shade these surfaces.

One area to look at to help your roof is attic ventilation. Good ventilation in your attic can help prevent heat and humidity from building up inside your home. Insufficient ventilation can make your attic into almost a pressure oven, leading to warped plywood or OSB that supports the shingles. It also can deteriorate the shingles at a faster rate.

Before summer arrives in full, consider hiring a professional inspector to look for existing problems. Pristine Inspections & Testing can examine your home or business for these problems and others and make a full report available for you to determine the proper repairs that may be needed. Make sure your roof can handle the summer months with an inspection by calling 217-352-3743 today.