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Lead Based Paint has been a problem for many years in older homes. It can be extremely harmful to children and adults that may cause cardiovascular, nervous system, and other health issues. It is essential to get your home tested for lead paint, so that you can live in your home without worrying about your health.

lead paint on wall chipping

How do I Know It’s in my Home?

If you own a home that was built before the late 1970s, the odds are the paint used in your home contains lead.  It is always good to get a test done for lead paint if you suspect it could be from chipping or dust from the paint. Usually, trained home inspectors aren’t checking into lead paint if the home was built after 1978 when lead paint was banned in almost all cases. When it comes to your home, you shouldn’t have to worry if it was built after this.

Health Hazards

The problem with lead-based paint comes when there is wear and tear such as chipping and flaking of the paint. When this happens, the lead can be inhaled by your family through the air. This can be very dangerous to your health. If you have younger children, low levels of this exposure can have long-term effects on them to their nervous system and behavioral development.  Higher levels of lead exposure can progress to more concerning health risks.

What to Do?

First off, do not remove lead paint yourself. In Illinois, you must be trained and maybe even licensed to do lead removal. If you know that your home was built before the late 1970s, it is recommended to contact a home inspector that conducts lead paint testing such as Pristine Home Inspections. We provide lead paint testing in Champaign, Urbana and the surrounding Illinois areas. Contact us today at 217-352-3743 for more information on how you can prevent and remove these hazardous materials.