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What is the difference between boiler radiant heat and electric radiant heat?

What is the difference between boiler radiant heating and electric radiant heat? While the main difference is the source of the heat, water vs. electric, there are many more subtle differences that can determine which kind of heating is best for the room or entire home. Boiler Radiant Heating Boiler Radiant Heating requires your home… Read more »

Here is your Sign!

When inspecting a house, you are looking for clues to help understand the condition of the house and identify items of concern.  Sometimes things are obvious and even the untrained eye can spot an issue.  Hopefully, this is one of the obvious ones.      

Falling Foundation

The inner portion of the brick foundation has fallen down on this house.  The seller didn’t think the crawl space was deep enough to crawl and didn’t know how I would be able to fit.  The buyer was very glad that I could get in and crawl the entire crawl space.  I think everyone was… Read more »

Looking for the barricade?

Some people take road signs and street signs, but have you ever wondered what happens to road barricades?  Someone used them for floor joists!