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We harp on this blog sometimes about the dangers of radon, and how Illinois residents should test their homes for radon. Well state legislation has taken note.

Beginning Jan. 1 2014, day care center across Illinois will have to show proof their facility has been radon gas tested within the last three years as part of the license-renewal process. The report is to be posted next to the licenses they receive from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, and the day care center will be required to provide a copy to parents or guardians upon their request.

The report comes from down the road in the Paxton Record, as it states:

“Under the law, non-residential day care centers are required to hire an IEMA-licensed radon measurement professional to test the facility. Home day care centers may purchase a home test kit and conduct the test themselves or hire a licensed contractor to perform the test.”

According to the Paxton Record, around 1,200 radon-related lung cancer deaths occur each year in Illinois alone.

If ever in need for a radon test in Illinois, please don’t hesitate to call Pristine Home Inspection.