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The home inspection is one of the most important parts of buying a home. Purchasing a home without an inspection is a big risk and can leave you with a lot of unseen expensive fixes to make that will only be discovered as you go about daily life in your new home.  

There are also many fixes that are less impactful to the overall condition and function of the home, but very common. Though theses fixes may not be deal-breakers on the purchase of your home, it is a good idea to get them fixed before you move in. This way your home is the best prepared to take on new residents and you can enjoy just living in your home when you first move in.  

Here are some Common Home Fixes to Address Before You Move In 

  • Pest Control Inspector Tips on Common Fixes to Make Before You Move In

It is a great idea to hire a pest control company to come out and look at the home and then do any pest control like tenting or spraying necessary before you move in. Many times pest control requires residents to be out of the house or away from the areas that the pest control is taking place. Save yourself and your family from having to make alternative plans by having it done before you move in.  

  • Look For Squeaks and Creaks 

The main cause of noisy floors is wood shrinkage around nails and screws in the floorboards. Locate the source of the squeak and tighten up the screws and hammer in the nails.  

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  • Pay Attention to Noisy Pipes 

Pipes can become noisy for a few reasons including a water hammer or too high of pressure traveling through the pipe. To fix the water hammer, shut off the main valve and turn on the tap in the lowest level of the house to drain all of the water, then turn off the tap and reopen the main valve. If you have high water pressure invest in a pressure regulator or pressure reducing valve.  

  • Change Locks 

You never know who may be carrying a spare key to the locks on your new home. Make sure to change out the locks and even install extra security measures to make sure your home is secure when you are gone or sleeping during the night. 

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  • Clean Heating and Cooling Systems 

This is a very important part of homeownership, so important that it should be done once a year. If you can smell mold when the heating system is on, it is time to call in a professional to service your system right away. After you know your system is nice and clean, be sure to change the filters out on time to keep it in its best shape.  

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Many of these issues are easily overlooked when moving into a new home. Making sure the home is in its absolute best shape before moving in will save you a lot of stress and it is easier to fix some issues before all of your belongings come in and you end up having to move them back out of the way. 

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