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The Department of Housing and Urban Development reports that the average cost of a home inspection around the nation is somewhere from $300 to $500. These are only averages based on the highest costs and the lowest costs found around the country and then labeling the number in the middle as the most common price. So in some locations a home inspection could cost significantly more. There are different factors of each individual inspection that go into determining the fee an inspector will charge for their services.

Here are some factors that make up the overall cost of a home inspection

The Inspector’s Experience3 Factors Behind the Cost of Home Inspections

The cost of an inspection will be larger for an inspector with more experience, knowledge, training, service offerings, etc. Paying the extra cost for an inspector you are certain has the correct knowledge and experience to give a detailed report on a property is well worth it. If you find an inspector that is charging far less for an inspection, this can be a red flag that they have very little knowledge of inspecting homes.

Many trustworthy inspectors may also be part of a trade association that establishes a set of required qualifications and trainings as well as membership dues which factor into the fees they charge. In some areas hiring an inspector with the highest level of education that handwrites a report can cost around $1,000.

The Size of the Property

Many home inspectors charge about $400 to $450 on average for a mid-sized single-family home of about 2,000 square feet. Some condos, which require more inspection of particular areas, can cost $300 to $350 on average. If a home has a very large square footage or a few outbuildings this can add to the cost of an inspection. Some home inspectors will add to the inspection cost if the home requires entering a crawlspace requiring them to enter damp, dark, tight, and dirty areas.

Needing a Specialized Inspection

Not all inspectors will offer specialized inspections. This includes a deeper look into pest issues, roof problems, sewer or septic systems, exterior plumbing in the yard that runs to the main sewer, chimney inspections, mold, radon, asbestos, and well-water inspections. A basic inspection will not cover looking into these issues, but can include a suggestion to get a specialized look. Some inspection companies have experienced inspectors that can perform these specialized inspections at an added cost, but a much lower one as compared to hiring a different inspector for each task.

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