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How do you separate a great home inspector from a merely licensed one (or even one that pretends to be licensed)? It comes down to doing some research online about them and asking them a few questions before they conduct the inspection.

Here are some good basic questions to ask a home inspector before the inspection begins:

What Do You Check in Residential Homes?6 Questions to Ask a Home Inspector Before the Inspection

It may be surprising, but many people actually are unaware of what a home inspector is going to do. A large number of buyers may feel like they have a good understanding of this thinking that the home inspector looks at the condition of the home to see if there are issues, but few actually know what an inspector actually looks at and inspects in a home.

A trustworthy inspector will give an answer to this question along the lines of referring to the around 1,600 individual features (varies by state-mandated laws). They will tell you they are going to look at pretty much every inch of the home including the roof, outside, landscaping drainage, basement, crawl spaces, and more. They also may let you know about common areas homeowners expect to be checked but aren’t.

What Don’t You Check?

If the inspector did not answer this in the first question, then make sure to ask it. There are limits to what an inspector can do in a home. For example, inspectors are limited to what is out in the open and visual, they cannot cut into a wall to look at the plumbing in there.

Because of limitations, an inspector will flag certain items that look like they can be bigger issues. At this point, it is your decision if you want to move forward with a more specialized look from an expert on a particular issue like a roofer or an electrician.

What Do You Charge for an Inspection?

A home inspection can be priced in the ballpark of $300-$600, depending upon the market, the thoroughness of the inspector, the size of the home, the location, etc. Payment is usually due the day of inspection. Be wary of inspectors who quote a really low price and also those that seem to charge more than everyone else.

Can I Come to the Inspection?

The answer to this should be an excited yes. All good inspectors will encourage at least one buyer to walk through the home with them. Seeing first-hand the home’s systems and how they work is much better than just reading it from a paper or trying to interpret a second-hand explanation and description. This also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have that come up along the way.

If an inspector does not seem to care if you come along or would prefer you not to see and be involved, find a new inspector.

*Note: Since the beginning of the pandemic in-person inspection rules have changed. If you are limited on the number of people walking through the home arrangements should be made for a live video or at least a video that is played by you later.

How Long Will it Take?

It is not uncommon for an inspection to take place on a weekday. You will get only an estimate of time , because an inspector does not know what they will find in a home. In general most inspections take at least a few hours for an average size home. If you are quoted something like half a day or 30 minutes this is something to be cautious of.

Can I See a Sample Inspection Report?

If this is the first time you are purchasing a home, it can be helpful to see an example from another home inspection. No home is going to be perfect, even brand new construction homes have noted flaws in reports. In most cases the items noted are not huge safety problems. Seeing a sample report will help you see what to expect and not become overwhelmed or shocked when there are notes of things that need attention.

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