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9 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Home Inspection

Of all of the tasks that need to be completed between your offer being accepted and your mortgage closing to make a home purchase complete, home inspection needs to be at the top of the list of importance. This is your chance to have a professional poke and prod at the home to give insight into its overall quality of condition.

This is how you get to know the home better and can be assured of what you are spending your hard-earned life savings on. Should issues be found, the inspector’s official report will help you to either negotiate a better cost, repairs or walk away from something that is too risky.

For these reasons, it is very important to hire a reputable and trustworthy certified home inspector and to be as present as possible in the entire process. To make sure you get as much information out of your inspection as possible here is some sound advice compiled from inspectors and real estate professionals around the country.

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If You are Allowed to Go in the Home with the Inspector, Here is What to Know Before you Go.

There are still some areas where distancing measures still do not allow for homebuyers to walk through the home during an inspection. Some areas as they lift precautions are now allowing buyers back into homes during the process. Here are some good ways to prepare if you are allowed to accompany your inspector into the home.

Don’t Bring Kids and/or Pets: This is a great time to let the kids hang out with grandma or their favorite babysitter. Having kids or furry kids come with can be distracting, they can get bored and want to explore on their own which could possibly lead to injuries or accidents.

Have Proper Shoes On: This is not the best time to be wearing flip flops. Closed-toed shoes such as tennis shoes are best. You want to be able to go wherever the inspector is going and this will probably include damp basements, muddy parts of a yard, or dusty attics.

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During the Inspection

Now is the time to take an extra picky and thorough look at the home you will be spending most of your hard earned money on.

Take Your Time: A majority of buyers make an offer on a home after seeing it for only a few short minutes. The inspection is a great time to look over the home and really slowly take it all in, every detail you can.

Listen for Key Words and Hints: The inspector will not tell you whether to purchase a home, the final decision is yours. Inspectors are held liable to the advice and insight they give and how they give it. Listen for words such as: major, significant, immediate repair, get estimates, and needs to be fixed right away. Pay close attention to anything they state is a safety issue or not up to code.

If you really want to know the inspectors thoughts on how concerning an issue is you could ask them if it were them or their family member would they continue with or suggest their family continues the purchase.

Remember Where the Important Controls Are: it is always good for a home owner to be knowledgeable of where key system controls are located. This includes the electrical breaker panel, the emergency switch for the furnace, and the main water shutoff. Should an emergency arise you will be glad you know right where to go.

Get Referrals for Experts: An inspector will be able to tell you if there is a concern with things like mold, or the sewer lines, but they are not specialists. These are things that you will want an expert to check out. So if mold does present itself in the home and the inspector suggests that you have someone come and take a sample to discover if it is toxic ask them if they have someone in mind.

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During Negotiations

An inspector will generally have their official written report on the home ready in a few days after the walk through. If there is anything of concern these issues should be highlighted by your real estate agent to the selling agent. This would be the time to make negotiations if you still plan to purchase the home.

When you bring up issues make sure to only focus on ones that are of safety concern or will cost a large sum of money to repair. Bringing up a broken door lock is just going to overwhelm the seller and frustrate them into not wanting to negotiate anything. If the seller agrees to fix something be reasonable in only expecting the most basic yet acceptable form of repairs, not the most costly and fancy of updates.

After Closing

If you are making repairs on the home after you own it that were noted in the inspection report and have questions don’t be afraid to call up the inspector who wrote it with questions and suggestions.

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