Category: Mold Inspection

Crawl Spaces – A Potentially Hidden Danger

The crawl space in your home has the potential for many unwanted issues, as this often unseen area can be a breeding ground for mold. The crawl spaces in many homes tend to have higher humidity levels then both the outside air and the air in the rest of your home, making them an excellent… Read more »

Get a mold inspection before it’s too late

Having mold in your home can be a major nightmare. It can spread like wildfire, from damp places like your basement, up through your kitchen and living area. It can also spread downward from the roof boards in your attic down to bedrooms and bathrooms. Before it’s too late, mold has infested your entire home…. Read more »

Presence of mold can result in harmful side effects

Ever wonder what the effects might be from that little bit of mold developing in your bathroom, or perhaps concerned if the moisture from an air conditioning system can also be producing mold not visible to the naked eye? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2004 the Institute of Medicine found… Read more »