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After making an offer on a home it is inspection time. The inspector will walk through the property you plan to purchase and look at several areas from plumbing and roofing to drainage and wear and tear. They will note everything they find that needs attention from major safety issues to minor cosmetic mishaps.

When the inspector has finished looking over the condition of the home, they will write up their official report and hand a copy to both the selling and buying parties. Once you have gone over the inspection results with the inspector you have a decision to make. Will you move forward with the sale as is, walk away from the home, or ask the seller to negotiate about repairs?

It is not uncommon for buyers to make repair requests to a seller after an inspection and for real estate agents to be ready to negotiate after inspections. In an inspection negotiation there is always give and take on both sides. If you come to the table with too many requests a seller may be less willing to do any repairs or take money off of the price to allow for you to fix them.

Here are Some Requests To Avoid

Cosmetic Issues

Cosmetic issues are anything that affects the looks of something, but not the safety or function. This could be things like the deck needs to be stained, the paint is cracked, or a bathroom mirror is chipped. These problems are relatively easy to take care of and rarely hugely expensive as compared to the entire purchase price.

Anything Under $100 to Fix

Fixes that do not cost more than $100 should just be left as knowledge and not made into request for fixing. Requesting that small repairs be made will make you seem nit-picky and a bit overdemanding. This can overwhelm a seller and their agent may advise them to move on to the next offer on the table.

Renovations You Want to Make

You may feel the home is not up to date and needs some renovation work to give it features most buyers want right now. However, the seller is not responsible for delivering your dream home. They are only required to provide a safe place to live in at a reasonable price. Asking for a seller to make repairs to help you with your renovations will come off as selfish and turn off the buyer.

Cracks in the Basement Floor

Concrete is a very porous substance, it is a sponge to water and naturally settles with the home. Concrete cracks are expected to happen and not considered a structural problem. Any cracks in a concrete floor are considered cosmetic. Cracks in the walls are a different issue. Some are cosmetic, but some could be structural, your inspector will let you know if a crack is of concern.

Minor Water Damage

When water gets into surfaces like drywall it can be unsightly and look worse than it is. If there is significant damage an inspector will let you know, and advise on how you should move forward. If the rest of the issue has been taken care of and only the cosmetic issue in the drywall is left behind this is not a home sale deal breaker. It is a pretty small and relatively easy fix.

Cosmetic Landscaping and Small Yard Issues

If the landscaping is less than pretty this is something you should be willing to fix on your own. Leveling out the walkway, bringing dead plants back to life, replacing mossy or brown grass with new sod, etc. are all cosmetic issues.

The bottom line, if you are purchasing a used house it is expected that it will not be in perfect condition. If you are expecting to be able to point out every cosmetic, minor, or cheaper issue than going with brand new construction would be a better option.

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