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Though some homebuyers are choosing to waive a home inspection in order to win out against the competition in today’s market, there are still several savvy homebuyers that choose to go through a home inspection process to ensure their money is being well spent.

A home inspection is a professional assessment of the current condition of the property in interest. It is not uncommon for lenders to require a home inspection before they will approve a loan. A home inspection is still a key and important part of the process in purchasing a brand new home it allows you to see if there are any major problems or even small ones that you may need to be aware of.

It is ideal for buyers to attend the inspection as the inspector is walking through the home so that the inspector can talk with the buyer and point out certain things about the property to them. During this time it is very wise for buyers to ask questions along the way.

Here are some important questions you can ask your home inspector

What are your biggest concerns about this home?

Even if the home inspector does not find any major issues with the home, that does not mean that they won’t have any concerns about the home at all. For example, a home’s heating system could be technically working but may be extremely outdated and on it’s last years or even months. Or maybe there is a bathroom fan in the home that has been there since the 1970s, this needs to be replaced right away to prevent any fires from a short.

Is the issue a major issue or a minor issue?

It is the home inspector’s job to point out issues, your job as the buyer is to ask for further clarification when an issue is uncovered. It is a great idea to ask if the issue is a major one that needs immediate attention and may have a significant cost to it, or if it’s just a minor issue that does not hinder the safety or usability of the home that would not make it a dealbreaker. Make sure to ask this question each time the home inspector highlights a flaw.

Do you think this home will require extra maintenance?

Most homebuyers are not looking for a home that will need much of their attention, immediate repairs, or a large number of upkeep repairs. These will take a big chunk out of your time and your housing budget. It is a great idea to ask your home inspector if they feel the home will be a high-maintenance home that may require much attention. This could be things like less efficient appliances, an older deck in the backyard that needs stripping and re-staining or repainting, an older garage door that will be needing replacement soon, or just generally anything that is aging and has not been taken care of that will need some attention in the next few years. All of these things can add up to costly expenses, large amounts of time and attention, and frustration.

Would you buy this home in its current condition?

An inspector has to be careful with how they word things in their report where their opinion is concerned. They are expected to stay to the general facts. A good question to ask your inspector is if they would feel comfortable buying the home in its current state to live in for themselves. If the answer is they would think twice or would not purchase this home for themselves you may want to reconsider your home purchase as well.

Though home inventory is still currently low, it is never a great idea to purchase a home that will need more attention than you expect or would want to give it. It is always the best idea to have a home inspection performed by a trustworthy and reputable home inspector.

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