Maryland County Leading the Way on Radon Testing

We’ve discussed the dangers that radon can pose to homeowners throughout the country, but the laws that govern how and when radon is tested are not uniform across every state or even in individual counties. As we continue to look at radon as part of National Radon Awareness Month, we take a closer look at… Read more »

Roof Vents and Mold

Even though we only typically see mold in our bathrooms or in our kitchen on our food, it can grow in other areas of our homes, including the attic, crawl space, and basement. That’s why the proper ventilation of our homes is so important to preventing conditions that can promote mold growth. For mold to… Read more »

Inspections and New Homes

It’s long been considered a best practice to get a home inspection when buying a home from another homeowner, but what about when buying a new home? Even if you are buying a new home, you will want to get it professionally inspected for a number of reasons. To start, while the home may be… Read more »

Understanding the Differences of GFCI and AFCI outlets

Electricity is a marvel of the modern world. Most of us would experience a crisis if we had to adjust to life without electricity at home or work, especially since nearly every activity in our day-to-day lives depends on electricity, whether directly or indirectly. Fortunately, electricity in homes and businesses is much safer today than… Read more »

Certified Thermographic Inspections Offer Greater Insight

One of the most important things that sets the team at Pristine Inspections & Testing apart is our skills and knowledge when it comes to thermography. Every member of our inspection team is a Certified Residential Thermographer, CRT, but in case you aren’t familiar with this technology and how this science can aid in home… Read more »

Crawl Spaces – A Potentially Hidden Danger

The crawl space in your home has the potential for many unwanted issues, as this often unseen area can be a breeding ground for mold. The crawl spaces in many homes tend to have higher humidity levels then both the outside air and the air in the rest of your home, making them an excellent… Read more »

Attics, Ventilation and Mold

Mold growth is something every homeowner should be concerned about, but one of the problems with mold is that it can grow in so many different places. While you may be experiencing symptoms of mold inhalation, you may not be able to clearly identify mold as the problem. In fact, many homeowners are surprised to… Read more »

After Winter, Check Your Home Completely

Most homeowners spend time preparing their home for the winter, but many don’t think to check their home again once the season has come and gone. Maybe that’s because spring is a time for hope and new life, and you are starting to do outdoor activities and getting ready for summer. In most cases, there… Read more »