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Generally, a home inspection reveals the damaged part of a property from a licensed inspector. But it is not clear cut in the sense that you don’t get A+ if the home is in good condition or gives a money pit home an F. They inspect the home under natural facts to provide a home with an average grade. Sure, they know red flags and safe bets by merely looking at a home. But they have to play by the rules. Here are a few things the inspector won’t say:

1 Inspectors don’t check for pests.

Pest infestation is a minor work for an inspector, so they have no time for it. That’s why you need an exterminator. Inspectors focus on potential problems concerning the structure of the home. Don’t conclude using the inspector’s report. Call the exterminator if you want to chase out cockroaches, rodents, or other pests.

2 Inspectors don’t cover plumbing.

Home inspectors have no or little idea about plumbing. Their qualification gives them the idea to address apparent issues like old plumbing. The other parts need a plumber, like wall pipes, swimming pools, underground pipes, and septic tanks. However, some may perform the job depending on their degree and location.

3 Inspectors won’t look at landscaping conditions.

The landscape issues are tricky. Some can be seen as you walk through dead spots, but others, like pests, sprinkler issues, etc., are not their job. A property with a dead tree has to be taken care of by the owner. Inspectors won’t cut down the price because of a dead tree.

4 Appliances aren’t part of the inspection.

Inspectors probably won’t put things like washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances on the list. However, they may test them under life cycle requirements or to ensure they work. But they don’t pay attention to the significant or hidden problem. If you’re relying on them for that, you wouldn’t know. For your home appliance, an appliance technician is in the best position to fix them.

5 HVAC systems aren’t covered in the inspection either.

Your HVAC system is not in their jurisdiction. Home inspectors have no knowledge of your heating and air conditioning system. However, depending on your location or inspection time, some may inspect it to ensure it is functioning. But they won’t pay serious attention to avoid putting pressure that may damage the system. For example, in some report rules, you have to agree with the inspector to touch your HVAC unit. However, it is safe to have a professional separately inspect the system.

6 Roof leaks

You need a roof inspector to make a conclusion about your roof, especially if you live in a region with harsh conditions. Home inspectors don’t have time to climb to the top and inspect if it’s leaking. That risk is beyond their pay grade. They may put on binoculars like the military to spy on potentially damaged areas by climbing to higher ground. They will be able to see obvious things like missing or torn shingles, nail pops, and holes.

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