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Home inspectors are critical for making an informed decision when buying a home. They create an avenue for buyers to discover flaws in their properties. The process can reveal significant repairs that need addressing. However, other vital things are outside their jurisdiction.

Here are some areas a home inspector will not meddle with while on duty.

Hidden electrical outlets

Home inspectors evaluate only the appliances they can see or access. These professionals neglect areas that are out of sight. Suppose you have hidden appliances that you need to check, reveal them for easy access because home inspectors are not ready to do any heavy lifting.


Home inspectors inspect the roof and find missing or warped shingles. They also ensure the gutter and flashing are effective. However, the rooftop must be reachable because they won’t climb a three-story tall roof. You can hire a roof inspector to check other challenges. Some may inspect it for free or charge according to location, material, and roof height. They also perform temperature checks to ensure your roof isn’t leaking heat.

Fireplace and chimney

Home inspectors cover dampers to ensure they work efficiently. They also check the chimney to ensure there is no obstacle like a bird’s nest. This is all they do, and they are done. So, hire a fireplace inspection to perform a Level 1 fire check for soot and creosote in the chimney. The obstructions can spontaneously start a fire. In addition, for areas experiencing an earthquake, the chimney inspector will do a Level 2 inspection, including checking for damages in the roof, attic, and crawl space.

Identify environmental hazards

Home inspectors have no gear to test for hazards such as lead paint, asbestos, or radon. These tests are the work of a professional building inspector with the correct PPE. So, you’ll need to hire a professional to check the environmental hazards.

Ground beneath your home

The duty of a home inspector is to check the home, but they may neglect the ground beneath. So if you need a land structure integrity check or experience a shift, tilts, or sinkholes, hire a geotechnical or structural engineer. They are good at dictating problems in the soil but for a fee.

Swimming pool

The swimming area is not part of the home inspection. However, they operate the pool pumps and heater to ensure they work. But the evaluation does not concern cracks or dents on the pool floor. However, you can hire a professional pool inspector who will use a pressure test to repair leaks. The pool inspector fixes the pump, decks, filters, and safety covers.

Well and septic system

Home inspectors working in regions with wells and septic tanks do ignore them. However, some companies offer the service for an extra cost to ensure the system runs correctly. But if the system runs on public wells or water, hire a well inspector. Well inspectors are trained to handle such situations by collecting water samples for lab analysis. The analysis is to expose arsenic, coliform, and other harmful bacteria and chemicals. In addition, they will do a maintenance check on the vents, seals, and screens to enable the well to pump efficiently.

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