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A home inspection is a very crucial step to knowing the condition of a home before you purchase it. It is also a requirement in some cases for seeking final mortgage approval on a home purchase. It is extremely rare to purchase a home where there is nothing brought to the attention of the home buyer by the home inspector. In some cases, issues are small and cosmetic and in another they are large and concerning. When an issue arises it is up to the buyer as to whether they will try to negotiate a remedy to the issue with the home seller before continuing with the purchase of the home.

What issues are really worth finding a solution to for you to continue on with a home purchase?

It is best to be prepared for the fact there will be cosmetic issues that don’t really alter the safety or usefulness of the property. There will be small items you need to be prepared to fix on your own at some point instead of expecting the seller to take care of it. But there could be other times that are significant issues and should be negotiated before you continue on with the home purchase.

Outdated or dangerous electrical wiring

Less than safe electrical issues are often at the top of the huge safety concerns list after a home inspection. If your inspector finds items such as electrical power being supplied by an out-of-date system like knob and tube wiring, or indications of dangerous wiring, this could lead to a fire. These are items that should be fixed right away and they are not a quick and inexpensive thing to remedy. This is something that should be brought to a seller’s attention. But if an issue is simply replacing a few outlets to bring them up to new codes, those will not take much money and should possibly be looked at as a small minor item that should not break the deal.

Damp basement

Unresolved moisture in a basement can lead to mildew or an unhealthy indoor air quality. There are many ways to channel moisture away from a home to prevent water from pooling inside of a basement. All of these fixes can be a significant expense worth bringing up to the home seller.

Roof damage

It is crucially important for the roof to be in great shape to keep everything underneath it in great shape. A roof that needs even the smallest of repairs can be quite costly and one that goes unrepaired can cause even larger issues in the home. It is definitely worth talking over with the home seller.

Heating and cooling issues

There are several things that can go wrong with the HVAC system in a home. The heating and cooling system of your home is very important to its overall everyday functioning. There could be small problems or very large and even dangerous issues that can happen with an HVAC system. There could be something as simple as a thermostat issue that would not need the attention of renegotiation, but there could be an issue such as a carbon monoxide leak from a chimney liner or a cracked heat exchanger. These larger items are definitely worth negotiating.

When it comes to renegotiating the terms of a home sale due to the results of a home inspection, it is best to ask the advice of your professional home inspector as to whether an issue is large enough to cause concern and warrants a discussion with the home seller.

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