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Whether you’re purchasing a new home for the first time or are a seasoned pro and plan to make an offer on a home, an inspection is always important in the homebuying process. Having a professional inspection conducted by a top-level experienced inspector can help to identify costly issues before a home deal is finalized and help you to make the best-informed decision about spending a small fortune.

It is crucially important that when you’re hiring a home inspector you find one with the most insight, knowledge, and experience possible. It is probable to hire an inexperienced or ill-equipped inspector that could overlook issues in the home. Here are some common issues that lesser quality home inspectors often miss.

Roof leaks

Some home inspectors will not climb up on the roof to make sure that it is in great shape. This is a very important task and an experienced home inspector knows this. Not checking out the condition of the roof could mean that a leak is missed. If a roof is damaged and not repaired quickly, water can enter into the home and cause greater issues than just in the roofline.

Problems with and the heating and cooling system

Home inspectors should be conducting a visual inspection of the HVAC system in a home. They should make sure they are checking the service log as well as having the system turned on to make sure it is properly working. While a home inspector is no HVAC expert, an experienced one can find signs that would point to needing an extra inspection to ensure the system is working exactly the way it needs to. A lesser experienced inspector may only look at the system and neglect to suggest when a much needed more detailed inspection is needed.

Septic tanks

An experienced home inspector will check out the septic tank, and much like with the whole cooling and heating system, they will know when something suggests a red flag that might need to be looked over by an expert that has a greater expertise in serious details of the system. It is sometimes necessary to conduct a more invasive inspection that could cost more than the standard. A highly trained inspector will know when an expert needs to be called in to look at the system.


Not every home comes with a pool so you will want to make sure that you have a home inspector that is versed in want to look for in evaluating a pool if your home has one. You will also want to make sure that if something is above their knowledge as far as pools work that they will not be afraid to suggest that an expert specializing in pool maintenance and repair takes a look at the system.

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Mold and radon

Finding the presence of mold is something that is relatively easy to detect, but a standard inspection is not going to test whether this mold is toxic. Radon is also a common toxin found within the basement level of many homes and is not a requirement of a standard home inspection. These are both items that will require extra specialized inspections. Sometimes with a more experienced home inspector, you can add on a radon inspection for a small extra fee.

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