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An inside look at home inspections?

Part of the reasoning of this blog is to give consumers an in-depth, more personal look at some of the inherent challenges of being a licensed home inspector, and the top issues trending in the industry today. There are many problems we as home inspectors run in to on a daily basis, from mechanical to… Read more »

Pristine at Illinois Association of Realtors in Chicago

I had the pleasure of working the Radalink booth at the Illinois Association of Realtors annual meeting in Chicago. I was the only down state affiliate asked to help with the booth and support Radalink, the only company with a Certified Radon Report. Thank you Jason Moss and Terry Howell for the opportunity to make… Read more »

Presence of mold can result in harmful side effects

Ever wonder what the effects might be from that little bit of mold developing in your bathroom, or perhaps concerned if the moisture from an air conditioning system can also be producing mold not visible to the naked eye? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2004 the Institute of Medicine found… Read more »

New Construction – Why pay for an inspection?

Most prospective buyers of new construction homes feel that since the house is new, they will have a builder’s warranty, so there is no need to do a home inspection.  If the warranty covers anything that goes wrong for a year, why worry? The average homeowner will catch: nail pops shrinkage cracks rubbing doors other… Read more »