Looking for the barricade?

Some people take road signs and street signs, but have you ever wondered what happens to road barricades?  Someone used them for floor joists!          

Clogged Drain – Try Infrared

Infrared thermography, IR, allows you to see inside your PVC drain lines.  IR cameras see light which has a longer wavelength and a lower frequency than visible light so you can see temperature differences not visible to the naked eye.  By doing an infrared scan on the drain line you can find the anomalies which… Read more »

New Construction – Why pay for an inspection?

Most prospective buyers of new construction homes feel that since the house is new, they will have a builder’s warranty, so there is no need to do a home inspection.  If the warranty covers anything that goes wrong for a year, why worry? The average homeowner will catch: nail pops shrinkage cracks rubbing doors other… Read more »